How to Start a Small Auto Repair Business

With an increase in the sale and use of automobiles, there is also a surge in the need for auto repair facilities.  Hence, during this scenario, starting an auto repair business would be a viable idea.

If you are thinking of starting such a business, here are a few suggestions that may help you along the way.

Define the Scale of your Business

Before starting any business, the first thing that you should consider is its scale. If you plan to start an auto repair business at a small scale, you need less investment and a relatively small space to serve the clients.

Moreover, you must also decide what type of services you are going to offer. For instance, if you are going for just maintenance, you require less equipment and a few technical staff members.

Location is Crucial

You must think about the location of your business at the earliest stages of your business planning. For an auto repair business, the best locations include those areas that are close to highways and other main roads.

Since towing services charge by the mile, you can minimize such a cost by offering your services at the central part of your city. If you are close to your customer, they will prefer visiting your garage. This will increase your clientage and their trust over you.

Independent or Franchise

Starting an auto repair business on independent basis is relatively easier than purchasing a franchise. The financial barrier is too high and the franchise would also ask for a percentage of your income. Therefore, it would be appropriate to start your independent business and grow it gradually over the period of time.


Before starting an automotive repair business, you need permission from the concerned authorities. This means that you have to obtain Licenses and Permits to legally serve the customers.

Although it is a tough job to complete the documentation and get authorization, you can seek assistance from those service providers who assist people while dealing with these legalities. By providing the right information, you can get the license within a couple of weeks.


With a view to run an auto repair business, you have to purchase the necessary equipment. At first, you can buy only the essentials that you may need while fixing the car. Before, buying such tools, you need to do some research. You can minimize the overall cost of setting up your business by purchasing the equipment at discounted rates.


Once you are all set to go, the final step is to promote your auto repair business. For this purpose, you can use billboards, social media platforms, and blogging. Moreover, you should try to participate in the events associated with the automotive industry and build your network.

Customer Satisfaction is the Key to Success

Once you have been successful in spreading your message to the customers, the next step is to satisfy them. Initially, you may offer discounts to your customers over their first visit. This will help to build a good relationship with your customers.